Micropore Surgical Tape 1.25cm width – Single


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3M™ Transpore™ Medical Tape is a transparent, perforated plastic medical tape with bi-directional perforations for easy hand tear and a moderate level of adhesive strength

3M recognises that as the healthcare delivery becomes more complex, choosing the right product and using it effectively is a key component of successful patient outcomes. The skin is a delicate and sensitive organ so even small things, such as making the right choice of medical tape takes on greater importance. 3M’s range of medical tapes are hypoallergenic, latex free and designed with the performance qualities you need to provide optimal patient care.

  • Transparent, porous plastic tape that tears easily and is designed for reliable adhesion to skin and tubing
  • Bi-directional tearing allows fast and neat customisation for any site
  • Ideal tape for everyday needs including securing dressings and anchoring tubing and devices


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