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3 SHOCKING tips you need to know, that I guarantee will make your life as an injector easier…

Truth is, they probably aren’t what you think they are going to be. In fact, they are probably going to really bore you because they are all based around making my life easier… lazy eh!

But here’s the thing, the aesthetics industry can be relentless and patients can be incredibly unforgiving. I know this because I’ve been injecting for six years… I’ve dealt with it all. From the famous bruises that stopped me sleeping
at night because I feared that they were occlusions, to the nodules, migration, and inflammatory episodes that didn’t dissolve. 

I’ve wasted time, money, and shed thousands of tears.

My top tips help me sleep better at night.

My top tips help me to switch off.

My top tips ensure I get repeat bookings, without spending a penny more on marketing. 

My top tips have lowered my complaints by half.

And most importantly…

They make my life easier… especially with a baby on the way!

How to not be a little bitch to your phone…

Tip 1.

Choose a product that doesn’t cause unnecessary swelling.

We’ve all been there. Tucked up in bed on a Saturday night, or out with the family on a Sunday, and your phone goes off from a panicking patient demanding to be seen immediately because they feel as if they have been botched. It’s stressful receiving those kind of messages.. It ruins my day.

See heres the thing… you deserve to be able to switch off. You deserve 
YOU time. I cannot tell you how much I value switching off at night.. and you should too. 

Tip 2.

Choose a product that isn’t going to result in a high number of complaints and reviews. 

 My heart still sinks when they pop up on my phone…let’s face it, reviews and complaints are stressful and cost time, and money! It’s already 7 x more costly to attract a new customer than retain an existing patient. Don’t make it harder for yourself to bring in new clientele by damaging the reputation that you have worked so hard to build. 

Did you know you can significantly reduce the number of complications you experience by simply doing some research into product composition and rheology. Once you truly understand this, I guarantee that you will make wiser decisions when it come’s to choosing the products you want to work with in the future. Product composition has a huge influence on the rate of adverse effects. 

Tip 3

Minimise bruising.

Bruising will panic you, and the patient. Again, this often results in messages and calls that interfere with your evening, or worse, get you out of bed late at night to drive over to a patients house, to check their capillary refill. We’ve all been there! Buy in the best quality needles that you can afford, change them frequently, and work slowly! Minimising bruising will allow you to go home at night stress free, allowing you to spend quality time with your family. 

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If, like me, you want to make your life easier and would like more information on the products I’ve introduced to my team, that have cut out complaints by half, and made my life less stressful, keep reading!

About EPTQ – the reason our complaints have decreased by half. 

Please find clinical research attached at the bottom of this page!

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EPTQ S100 ( fine ) is the thinnest consistency filler in the range and has the perfect viscosity for treating the fine dermal layers. At Kiss, we use EPTQ100 for treatments such as russian lips, M shaped lips, and very superficial lines around the perioral area. 


EPTQ S300 ( deep ) has a medium consistency, and is used for treating slightly deeper dermal layers. At Kiss, we use EPTQ300 for treating the perioral area. In particular, for signature lips, nasolabial folds and fine lines.


EPTQ 500 ( sub q ) is the thickest product of the three within the range. It is most suitable for treating the subcutaneous layer in order to provide full structural support and contour to the cheeks, jawline, chin and nose. EPTQ500 retains its malleability for some time after injection, making it ideal for sculpting areas where you may wish to mimic bone.  

Our Guarantee to You

Kiss wholesale are one of very few verified distributers who work in direct partnership with EPTQ themselves. This ensures that you are receiving legitimate CE marked products. Please be careful of counterfeit products from unverified
sellers. We are happy to provide you with a full list of verified sellers should you wish. We are so confident that you will receive your product in perfect condition, that we will give you a full refund if you are unsatisfied. 

In case you scrolled to the bottom of the page, here’s what you ought to know about EPTQ.. Don’t forget to download the links at the bottom of the page too!

Less Complications

NO detection of residual chemical catalyst substance through the entire cross linking process resulting in less complications, migration, nodule formation, swelling and chronic inflammation. 

Less Swelling

EPTQ has a high purity HA content for duration and prevention of swelling. 


Lower extrusion force ensures less risk of adverse events such as vascular compromise. It is also significantly less painful for the patient as product is able to flow out of the needle with ease.

Less Side Effects

EPTQ has less than 0.1 EU/ML of endotoxin and no detection of residual BDDE’s minimising various side effects that commonly occur after a procedure. 

Less Pain

EPTQ has the same PH and osmotic pressure as the human body, resulting in less pain during injection compared to other dermal fillers.

Less Migration

High cohesiveness ensures better moulding, better lift, and little to no migration. 

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PS, Before you go, here’s the Clinical Research, branded consultation forms, and more.. as promised! Don’t just take our word for it!

PPS, Don’t forget to check out a gallery of our work using EPTQ!

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